Sunday, February 20, 2005

Effeminate Argentineans

I got this picture off the Internet and it is freakin halaaarious! This is a picture of the Argentinean football(soccer) team standing in for a free-kick, some smart-aleck just added in the purses. You can see Ortega and Batistuta in the picture, they all look so effeminate.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Laila Lalami: Why Hollywood Owes Me Money

I came across this article on Moorishgirl's blog. It's a bit funny. Click here to read the whole article.

[Why Hollywood Owes Me Money
Laila Lalami
Stereotyping of Arabs and Muslims in American movies is a common practice.
And Jackie Chan’s latest U.S. release, "Operation Condor," is no exception. But
rather than try to raise public awareness by explaining to whomever will listen
that this practice is not only morally wrong but also potentially harmful to a
large American minority, I’d like to ask for royalties.

Yes, royalties......]

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

A Muslim William Wallace

Why doesn't Hollywood make a big budget movie on a Muslim character from Islamic history without demonizing the Muslim character? There are many heroes in Islamic history, far more heroic than William Wallace.

I don't think Hollywood will ever make a right movie about a Muslim hero like a Muslim William Wallace so to speak. Making a movie like Braveheart with a Muslim hero is just something we Muslims are going to have to do by ourselves. So, I have taken upon myself to write and Inshallah create this work of art. Yes, that's right! I'm going to take a crack at this task known as "creating entertainment magic". I don't have the skills to make a movie or a video game, but what I can do is write a book or a script and pitch the idea to a movie studio or a game developer. If the book comes out great and sells then it might be made into a movie and who knows, maybe into a franchise!

So, who should I write about? The greatest hero in Islamic history is always going to be the last messenger of God (Muhammad) and also the greatest true story ever told with such accurate details. Of course there are others, but non like him who's life story is like a perfect tome. But the problem with the story of the Prophet is that the protagonist can't be shown on the screen. It just wouldn't look right that the main character is missing from the whole movie, it didn't look right in Moustapha Akkad's "The Message" and it wouldn't in any other movie; therefore, it can't be a movie with prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The first objective to telling the story would be to educate the audience about Muslims and Islamic history. Second objective would be to entertain the audience. Third objective would be to give the Muslim audience, particularly the youth a sense of pride for being a worshipper of a one and only true God (Allah). Also, I'm primarily interested in showing the Muslims of today how the rules of Jihad apply in a modern warfare scenario in a time, where the lines are so gray.

Keeping in mind the stated objectives, I have started to work on a fictional literary piece. I have written the whole outline and will post the first chapter as soon as I'm finish writing this whole thing.