Saturday, March 3, 2007

Rant: 3 March 2007

I have been thinking about something for quite some time now. There are some readers of this blog who know my real identity and because of it, I sometimes find it difficult to say or discuss some things. Such as my dangerously extreme personal political, religious, and social views/opinions etc. So, I think I've have come to a decision that I will start another blog, where I will try to remain extremely anonymous as long and as best as possible. I'm not going to end this blog, but I think I will not be able to contribute much to it anymore. Maybe sometime in the future, on a rare occasion, I'll post about something now and then.

Recently, I've noticed that there is sort of a darkness growing inside me. With each passing day, I feel it changes me, where, my privately held opinions and beliefs become stronger and more rigid. And I can no longer tolerate anyone else's dissenting views. Especially in regards to discussions I have with people, where I want to tell them, either accept my way or expect to be ruined.

Anyway, the next thing to do would be to create a new gmail account and think up of a new cool user and blog name.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Life Update: 25 February 2007

Just got done with my exams. Results will be out on 9th March. To tell the truth, I don't think I'm going pass in all the courses because they all went bad. This was the worst semester I went through (academically speaking) in all my days in Australia. Either I'll go just over or below the passing mark, that's how close I'll be cutting it. I have this gut feeling that I'll be enrolling next term again. Unless some miracle happens! Say, like the Uni IT department, where they store all the student records catches fire and burns down. Yeah, only then.

Something has happened

Something has happened. I don't know if I should ignore it and move on or deal with it in a way that I haven't figured out yet. I wanted to blog about other things. But, whenever I sit down to write about them, the very thought consumes my mind.

There are some regrets, maybe unfounded or otherwise. But, definitely something is missing inside.