Monday, June 27, 2005

Natural High

I just noticed something. My writing is better whenever I'm tired or worn out. It's like my thoughts flow out like honey. I think the mellowness and the lucidity brought out by the sleeplessness makes it that way. This is why I was never able to write a paper right after I wake up in the morning. Because of the high metabolism I guess.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rant: Possesed CD Writer Drive

My CD W/R is gone whack. It keeps going in and out and stops on it's own then starts all over again. CLICKITTY CLACK, RACKATTY RACK RACKATTY RACK... ARGH! Make it stop! Make it stop! Find a happy place, find a happy place. It's getting on my nerves. Correction....It is on my nerves. This is sooooooo anoying!

Rant: What Is The Deal With Drowning?

I just finished watching "The Perfect Storm" movie again for the fourth time. At the start of the movie, it said the movie is based on a true story. But, at the end of the movie the whole crew of the ship drowned and died in the storm. So, I ask you. Who survived to tell the tale from the perspective of the doomed seamen?

Speaking of drowning, I thought about the number of times I almost accidentally drowned, it comes around to at least 8 times and all in my attempts to learn how to swim. Each time I was drowning, there has always been someone to pull me out of the water. I can still recall the panic that kicks in as soon as the mind realizes the state of complete helplessness and inevitability. No matter how much breath of air I'm holding in, as soon as panic strikes it's always a reflex action to exhale and then immediately inhale, which fills the lungs with water. The disorientation caused by the water filled lungs impairs the thought process. I mean the brain somehow forgets to paddle in sync and to a specific direction. But, the last time I was drowning, I some how managed to stay calm even with the very little breath I had and paddled to safety. And oh yes, I still can't swim.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I've Awakened The Warrior Within

It took me 1 to 4 hours of game-play each day for 2 weeks to finish Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. On some levels I had to look into it's game guide that I download in some foreign language to help me figure out what to do next. Although, I couldn't understand a word it was written in, but it had ample number of screenshots, which turned out to be enough of help.

The Game is Awesome! Although the game plotline is not like as Matrix good, but it was ok. Actually the Game-play and the state-of-the-art graphics overwhelmed all of the game's inadequacies. I really liked the new free-style combat system the designers added. But, the thing/feature that gave me a rush was when every time I made the prince run sideways on the walls.

The Prince in the Warrior Within is more rugged/bad-ass looking than from the past versions. Don't you think he looks more Shitte in this sequal of the game? ;)

Completing the game, all the videos got unlocked. I was a little surprised to find out that the game designers were mostly French-Canadians. The last game I played designed by Canadians was Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit. I think Canadian game designers really know how to make good games. Keep up the good work eh!

At the end of the game, I was reading the credits. When the part about the voice talent rolled on, I noticed only one familiar name from the list. It was Monica Bellucci as the voice of Kaileena (Empress of Time). The rest of the cast was unfamiliar to me.

I just found out that UbiSoft is working on Prince of Persia 3 and released a E3 trailor on their website.

And on an unrelated note: My blog got mentioned on Sepia Mutiny on their "Kitsch Idol" post. Now why would any respected blogger mention such a lame blog like mine on their blog? Anyway, thanks for the honor Sepia Mutiny.