Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Movie Review : Donnie Darko

Production Shot from "Donnie Darko"

Rating : 0.5/5.0

I can't believe they are going to release "Donnie Darko" again. It didn't make any sense the first time, why release it again? It cost around $4 million to make and earned $500,000. I saw it and wept like a little girl after watching it because I'm never getting back that time lost. I'm no pothead, but I think I would have liked the movie if I had watched it high. The recycled release includes 20 minutes of extra footage and enhanced special effects. All the CGI cannot make this poor excuse for art likeable again! Who knows, maybe they'll hand out a free joint on each purchase of the ticket for this movie. I saw the reviews on Yahoo Movies, the critics desecrated it and some pothead Yahoo users gave rave reviews to this movie.

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