Thursday, December 30, 2004

A Hyderabadi Drug Addict

Since I went to a school for 8 years with a 99% population consisting of Hyderabadi's, I could safely say that some of the blood flowing in my veins has mutated into Hyderabadi blood. Although my ancestry is from North India and my background is in no way related to Hyderabad, but a very significant part of my personality is now Hyderabadi. I've never been to Hyderabad, But I have learned to adapt to their behavior. I can break into a fit and completely transform into a Hyderabadi like a damn Chameleon.

I have come to be known as a good Hyderabadi impersonator even by Hyderabadi's. Whenever I meet them they ask me do the latest impression I learned of hyderabadi's. Recently I've been growing weary of their wishes. I'm a person with feelings you know, there is more to me than just a shallow impersonation. I'm not a circus monkey damn it!

There is this one Hyderabadi I meet occasionally and he doesn't even know me well enough to make such a request. I've managed to avoid this awkward request three times now by cracking up this dumb expression on my face, but this guy doesn't get the message. Next time If he asks then I'll tell him about the new impression I learned of a "Hyderabadi Drug Addict". If for a lack of self-respect he insist that I do it for him then I'll caution him on that it is rated 'R' for some drug use, violence, and oh yes.... Nudity! :D

And if he still insist then I'll do it, but its not going to be a pretty sight!

~Hyderabadi: Somebody who was born or raised in, or has an ancestry from the Indian city of Hyderabad


  1. Next time try not use my real name.

  2. Dance monkey, dance. Dance for the puppet master. LOL!!! Great post :D

  3. kya hawley paney ka article likhey miyan tum. Yeh article sey hyderabadiyon key saath ziyadti karrain waysa dikhra merey ku. Aiysa NAKKO karo bhai merey.!!