Monday, September 26, 2005

Life Update: September 26, 2005

  1. Cleaned out my closet after two years. I can't believe the crap I've collected over the years.
  2. Got a new FujiFilm Digital Camera and replaced the Kodak one. Haven't found the time to read its manual yet.
  3. I don't find African-Americans "repulsive" anymore.
  4. I still can't understand why Azhar Usman's name is mentioned every now and then? The guy is a loser and definitely not funny.
  5. Gained 4 pounds in the last month, even after all the precautions and self-induced starvation.
  6. Noticed a vein sticking out on my right arm and also around the wrist. That never happened before.
  7. I think I finally got myself to calm my mind down and focus, while reading.
  8. I am so sick and tired of eating home cooked chicken meal and I can't seem to find a permanent alternative to it. I really miss Al-Baik chicken, Shawerma, and Motubbuque. Will I ever get to taste them again?
  9. If Pepsi wasn't injurious to health then I'd drink it in place of water.
  10. I don't despise Bush anymore. I just wish that every sorry S.O.B who voted for him dies a very slow and painfull death.
  11. I'm giving a serious thought to selling out and becoming a heartless corporate stooge . Because I can't stand being broke anymore.
  12. Just realized that the google search box on my blog is useless.
  13. Can't seem to find time to write and finish my Katrina Ordeal post. Damn!
  14. The show Family Guy and American Dad, seemed to have lost their charm.
  15. House M.D. is a great show on Fox. Couldn't believe the lead actor is British.


  1. ouchhhh! Family guy was okay last Sunday, not that I ever loved it like most boys I know do. I like Azhar Usman... you don't find him funny?

  2. I don't think the House guy is a brit...i think he just studied there.

  3. I take offense at A-A repulsive comment. What were you thinking..?
    Anyway, just to let you know Smallville premiere is on thursday.

  4. Aisha - FG used to be way funnier than it is now. There is more sexual humor content than non-sexual humor and that just sucks. I don't want another South Park. I'm sick of South Park.

    Azhar might evolve into something remotely funny if he keeps at it. But, in this point in time, he is more pathetic than funny. Inshallah and prayers for him.

    El Saviour - Read this and weep. ;-)

    R - My O my. What has the world come to? Known racists take offense to racisim. What has the world come to indeed. :-)