Saturday, December 10, 2005

Life Update: 11 December 2005

Seems like, I finally found the time to write about my findings to date in ‘the land down under’. Since, I don’t have enough time to recollect and write in a coherent manner, I’m going to write however it comes out of my mind. I thought about writing separate individual emails to everybody then I was like, ah screw it. I’ll just write one email and post/email it to everyone.

Considering the two-day long journey, it turned out to be very pleasant and hassle free flight. If anyone of you decided to book an International flight then I would highly recommend you fly with New Zealand Airways.

I arrived in Melbourne on one of the very rare days of warm weather. As it also turns out that during summer-time the weather here in southeast Australia (Melbourne) is exactly like Mobile in the winter. Some day’s it gets as cold as it gets in Mobile and this is just during the summer. From what I have been told, it gets even colder here during the winter than it is in Mobile during winter-time.

Melbourne is a huge city. It’s like Chicago without the traffic, New York without the bitterness and the smell of urine ;-), Mobile without the Rednecks, Jeddah without the Saudi’s. Anyway, you get the idea. According to the in-flight tourism promotional video, Melbourne was rated the number one living place in the world by…..I forget who rated it but, from my point of view, they weren’t kidding.

The best thing I like here is the existence of a well established public transportation infrastructure. I go where I please now. But, school is all I go to....for now. There is another thing I noticed here while riding on the Tram/Train/Bus. Unlike in Mobile or in anywhere USA, the Aussies don’t give you the stare that gives you the feeling that you’re not welcome or the look that an exotic creature just washed up on their shores. Here the Aussies are the exotic ones because there are more Orientals, Africans, and Desis than there are Aussie Caucasians and it is so freakin sweet. Yay! I’m not in the minority anymore, finally!

These are the simple differences here I’ve noticed up till now, they call:
  1. French Fries = Chips
  2. Convenient Store = Milk Bar (Yes, I’ll have that on the rocks barkeep and pour it in my slipper George!)
  3. Flip Flops = Thongs (Just bought a pair for myself the other day. ;-)
  4. Have a nice day = Cheers! (Huh?)


  1. Australia rocks. If it weren't for the cold, I would be there right now. it's actually one of the places i am applying to colleges to. Cheers! (btw, i use that term in America and now in Pakistan, more of a Canadian/English term)

  2. Great I had no idea Australia was this good.

  3. Happy to hear your adjusting well. Seen the great barrier reef yet?