Thursday, March 9, 2006

Rant: 9 March 2006

The last week of classes became so hectic by the end of the semester. I had two huge assignments due before Friday and I wasn't even half finished. I sat up 8 to 11 hours on the computer typing one huge report on the new Blu-Ray Disc and then one huge C++ program about a water tank cleaning business over the weekend. It was like this, my first exam was on Monday morning and here I was coding a thousand lines program on Sunday evening. I still can't believe how could I have messed up the first two simple exams so horribly. Shit! There goes my GPA all over again. Can't believe I screwed up my second chance at a 4.0 GPA. The last two exams went incredibly awesome though. Sometimes I think I have reached the limits of my intellect and that is why I can't get good grades in all the courses per semester. Nah! That can't be it. Anyway, never ever again Inshallah.

After exams, we made a trip to Geelong and Apollo Bay on the very next weekend. I have seen many beaches before, but the beach on Apollo Bay is AWESOME! Can't believe beaches like that existed outside of a National Geographic magazine picture. The landscape is unbelievable and there weren't many tourists over there, which was perfect. The weather was perfect, it wasn't neither too cold or warm. We stopped at the beach for just an hour then we had to leave before it got dark.

You know that nauseating salty sea air smell you smell at the beach? Well, it wasn't as much nauseating over there as it usually is on typical beaches. Probably the sea water was so clear and pure because it came from Antarctica or something.

On our way back, we decided to take a different route back home. We decided to take a very narrow and zigzag road through Beeac Forest. We drove deep into the forest, driving through a dense tall trees on the sides of cliffs and ravines. We got so deep into the forest that we lost all radio and cell phone reception for about half an hour. I rolled down the window and inhaled such a high oxygen content filled fresh air that I have never inhaled before. It was like one whiff and I the mind got so ever clear. Although, I didn't see any flowers, but there was this sweet smell all around. Must have been the smell of the greenery. And then I noticed something strange, I didn't here any sound of birds or animals all the while at Beeac Forrest.

I have been through such dense forest drives in America also, but there is always this hint of some toxic chemical smell in nature, at least around Mobile, Alabama. Probably because, the corporate polluters have sprayed those beautiful places with God knows what.

Winter's approaching soon, I think I'll go and spend at least two nights there next summer. I'll probably post some pictures and links about the place. If anyone wants to go on a vacation then I would recommend Australia, this place is unbelievable and I've only scratched the surface till now.

After the weekend, I had the following week off. I spent the whole week running errands, looking up courses to register next week when classes start. All in all, I think this past week went rather well. I did everything I planned out and didn't miss anything. Probably because, I made a "things to do" list on paper and checked off each item accordingly. I'm so proud of myself.

Now all I have to do is to go to the Uni on Monday and register for classes and hope I pass in all the courses on the 10 March grade results. It would be such a waste if I fail in any course. Oh God please don't fail me now.

I found this website and its awesome. People can upload video clips on it of 100mb size. I have found many interesting clips on it. I think I'll post some of them on this blog. This gives me an idea to start a video blog.