Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Deus Ex Machina

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged about anything. I wanted to blog but, there isn’t anything left to blog about. It’s not that I have nothing going on in my life, there is plenty in my life to blog about and that is the problem because it is about my life. For me to blog about my life, I would have to disclose personal details such as my true identity. Of all the blog entries I’ve posted, I spent a lot of time making sure that I can say the things that I want to without compromising my anonymity. And now, I feel as if that very reason has become a major intellectual block for my blogging. I’m beginning to think that disclosing my true self would be intellectually liberating.

Right when I started this blog, at the back of my head I knew that someday for one reason or another I would have to eventually reveal my true identity and I think that day is upon me now. I think Boz also might have gone through the same thing and later on decide to reveal himself as Charles Dickens. But, the problem now is that I have said and written things on my blog that I’m not sure I want people I see everyday at my work or any other place to know about. I’m very confused regarding this issue and would like other peoples’ thoughts on this, particularly those who know who I really am.