Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An Online Chat Session With Abdusalaam Al-Hindi

Abdusalaam: Mai row raha hoon

Knightmare: So how about them Red Socks?

Abdusalaam: Huh?

Abdusalaam: What Red Socks?

Knightmare: Did ya watch the game last night?

Abdusalaam: Did I ever?

Knightmare: Wha happen?

Knightmare: He he he

Abdusalaam: To Zidane you mean?

Knightmare: Yep

Abdusalaam: The Italians did their black magic on him. They've been known for that kind of stuff.

Abdusalaam: They turned him into a Billygoat

Knightmare: The Red Card didn't make any difference in the game. It’s anybody's luck in the PSO

Abdusalaam: That's what I’ve been saying.

Abdusalaam: But, Zidane ruined his legacy as a great player

Abdusalaam: People will only remember the last part

Knightmare: it's the Argentinean we should be blaming

Abdusalaam: How so?

Knightmare: He missed the kick

Abdusalaam: Oh you mean Trezeguet

Knightmare: Yeah him

Abdusalaam: Yeah, that's the thing. He misses the penalty kick and everybody is blaming Zidane

Abdusalaam: Blame Trezeguet or Barthez. But for god’s sake don’t blame Zidane

Knightmare: Maybe they all think that Zizou might have performed some miracle in the last minutes had he not been sent off

Knightmare: There are some serious rumours going around that Materazzi called him a "dirty terrorist" and that set him off.

Abdusalaam: Yeah I know. But, come on, if he couldn't do it in the first 100 minutes what you expect in the last 10. He's human after all

Abdusalaam: I heard something like that myself. I hear he said something about him being Algerian or something along that line

Knightmare: It would be great if it turns out to be true and Fifa takes the cup back from the Italians

Knightmare: ....as a punishment

Abdusalaam: But let's say if he did say the vilest of things to Zidane, he should understand by now after such a long career in football that it is only meant to get a rise out of him. They are trying to get his mind of the game. It’s a tactic.

Abdusalaam: No that is not going to happen

Abdusalaam: There is no way a cup would be taken back

Knightmare: Yeah, ok but, imagine that really happened after all the anti-racism campaign Fifa put up

Abdusalaam: Even then, there is no way that would happen

Knightmare: With the right combination of events and support anything could happen

Abdusalaam: It's wishful thinking

Abdusalaam: But I like the fact zidane got the player of the tournament award.

Knightmare: "wishfull thinking"? That’s just your slave-mentality talking

Abdusalaam: SHUT THE F UP

Knightmare: Only a house-slave thinks like that

Abdusalaam: And only a field rat thinks otherwise

Knightmare: Only a house-slave calls a field-slave that because he has got no spine

Abdusalaam: And only a wet-back field-rat would say something like that because of all that sun he gets during the day.

Abdusalaam: The heat has his brain fried

Knightmare: I'm out here in the trenches taking all the shit from the master, sleeping in the pest infested barn, eating from what I have grown with my own hands, while you eat the scraps from the master's table. have some dignity.

Abdusalaam: How about the master's foot up your ASS for dignity

Knightmare: "Dignity", thats just mere word to a gutless sell out like you.

Abdusalaam: Okay this insane tirade of yours is getting lame by the minute

Knightmare: What? couldn't find a comeback?

Abdusalaam: Yes Knightmare, I am speechless infront your genious. I surrender to you oh great one.

Abdusalaam: Have mercy and let me be

Knightmare: Confess your crimes heathen and seek refuge in the lord's favour!

Abdusalaam: Whatever massa

Knightmare: So, how those DVDs coming along?

Abdusalaam: Nothing there yet

Abdusalaam: It is going to take some time

Knightmare: When you gonna start?

Abdusalaam: It is not high on the priority list

Abdusalaam: So it's like whenever

Knightmare: So...what IS high on the list?

Abdusalaam: Ah, let's see... sleep, food and shit in that order.

Knightmare: That list is no different than of any animal’s list

Abdusalaam: And you're suggesting there should be a difference?

Abdusalaam: Knightmare, what are we if not mere animals.

Knightmare: Shut up, you’re a mere animal!

Abdusalaam: Aren't we all Knightmare, aren't we all

Knightmare: Abdu you just got served.

Abdusalaam: Served hot and sizzling. No what will I ever do. How would I face the world?

Abdusalaam: Woes me

Knightmare: You can always go back to your slave-mentality niche

Abdusalaam: Okay I'll go back into my house-slave hole and think everything will be alright.

Knightmare: ...and nibble on the master's scraps while you think about it

Knightmare: This time you got served charred

Abdusalaam: I'm reading somewhere that Zidane got his nipple twisted by Mazaratti and that is what pissed him off. You can see his hand on Zidane's chest but, it is hard to say for sure.

Knightmare: Maybe, but, Zizou gave a smirk right after the "alleged" nipple twisting and I don't think that’s what pissed him off.

Abdusalaam: Yeah that smirk might be in order to hide the pain. Not necessarily that he thought it was amusing

Knightmare: Man, just talking about it is amusing

Abdusalaam: For you it might be. But not for Zidane in the middle of the field in front of billions of people

Knightmare: ...getting his nipple twisted. Yeah, maybe you’re right.

Abdusalaam: So is there anything new on TV?

Knightmare: Nope, they only show the left over scum of all the American TV shows here in Aussieland

Knightmare: Moreover, after it has gone off-air in America

Abdusalaam: I was reading somewhere, that this time around; only 1.8 million people were watching the world cup in USA. And I bet half of those 1.8 million people were Mexicans.

Knightmare: I wouldn't be surprised.

Abdusalaam: I should mention that 1.8 million on ESPN

Abdusalaam: Because Telemundo was also airing the world cup

Knightmare: ESPN is a cable channel right?

Abdusalaam: Yeah

Abdusalaam: And if you compare that to the Super Bowl, it is 85 million

Knightmare: Ahhh, let them live in their bubble.

Knightmare: If it doesn't involve their uniformed boys and girls, they're not bothered

Abdusalaam: I hear ESPN will be showing the eurocup in 2008

Knightmare: Interesting...

Abdusalaam: Tell me about it

Knightmare: Funny how they refer to their killing machines as boys and girls. Did ya notice?

Abdusalaam: You mean the soldiers in Iraq?

Knightmare: Their Soldiers period.

Abdusalaam: That is an interesting observation

Abdusalaam: Jon Stewart had some A-hole soldier from Iraq on his show. This was the first time I did not like Stewart’s interview. He was too respectful of his guest.

Abdusalaam: On his show today

Knightmare: How could he? If he did not show his patriotism/nationalism there then, that would have been his last show.

Knightmare: America is not ready for that kind of reality TV

Knightmare: Of course they're perfectly alright with the carnage and suffering in Iraq but, a disrespectful comedian is where America draws the line.

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