Thursday, December 7, 2006

Finally Graduated!

I have reached a new milestone in my life and its the one I was trying to reach for many years. I passed my final semester coursework and therefore; graduated. The reality of the situation didn't sink in yet. But, its beginning to now as the graduation ceremony date is drawing near and me having to go picking up my graduation regalia just yesterday. Years ago when I started college, this day seemed like light-years away. I feel like I've climbed the mountain top and "I'm king of the world baby!". Maybe I could have been more excited if I didn't have to enrol in the post grad program right afterwards and above all in the summer semester, damn it! Well, at least this post grad endeavour will be all over in 8 weeks time.

The next thing to do after graduation would be to apply for immigration. I just can't believe that by the end of next year, I'll be an officially recognized immigrant. My residential status won't depend on me going to school and enrolling full-time. After this I can just take off, sit at home, and do nothing without having to worry about being deported out of the country to a homeland I never knew in the first place. Hell yeah! Heres sticking it to the man!

I feel like I'm ready to take on the world. I have had these ideas looming in my head for such a long time. Over the years, I have become more confident and reassured that it can be done. Look out world, here I come! I used to have a very narrow/local outlook about my future plans. Thanks to this fancy western education and exposure to the outside world. Now my sights are set on a more broad/global objective.

I like to take this opportunity to give out a loud FU to those totalitarian Saudi bastards for keeping me down all those years. It was tough enough being born and raised in a foreign country, but, that didn't mean they had to make it even tougher by destroying my future prospects. I might not have gone to a fancy school or spoke Arabic, or been one of those famous frustrated middle-eastern youths that the whole world seems to have come to know about, or I just didn't know any better, or had any real talent. But, that doesn't mean I deserved to be treated like a 2nd class citizen. Thank God I made it.

Then I like to give out another loud FU to America. I been to the belly of the beast and saw through the fake smiles. After living there for years I have come to know that the system is rigged and designed to suck the life out of the poor, minority, and the hopelessly stupid so that the elite can live the high life. Well, the tables are finally turning and you had a good run, and now through your own wicked ways you have destroyed yourselves. Good luck in Iraq, not that it will help.

Note: If I sound like an incoherent evil genius in this post then don't read too much into it. Its probably brought on by the much repressed excitement.

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  1. Salam alaikoum
    congrats on graduating, i hope it didn't take you as long as it did me lol. No seriously, macha Allah and all that.
    The passport stuff...if it makes you feel any better I have an American passport and I still get "drama"...I do think it is harder and harder for the poor to rise up in the US. It didn't used to be like that (to wit, my mother has a doctorate) but I think it is getting harder and harder.