Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Gathering Storm

There was a severe thunder storm circling over us for the past two days. There was so much rain and lightning followed by very loud thunder. Sometimes the lightning struck so close to my house that you couldn't even tell if there was a lag between the lightning and thunder. We get a lot of thunder storms here in the deepest south point of Alabama. It seems at least 40% of all the lightning during the storm touches the earth. I woke up twice in the middle of the night because of the loud thunder. Whenever lightning struck close to the house, it shook up all the windows. I never knew how loud thunder is until lightning strikes so close to your house. Once lightning touches the ground, it goes through some of the cables laid underground into peoples homes and burns their electrical appliances such as the TV, Computer or the Cable Modems. As a matter of fact it burned out my cable modem this time and that's why I could not post any blogs for the past few days. I called up Comcast and they sent a technician. He said the modems must be burnt out, installed a new one and that fixed the problem. I was in the kitchen when it happened. I saw the light from the sparks followed by the thunder and my brother who was sitting near the computer claims he saw the sparks come out from the modem. I was like Daaaaamn! This happens a lot to people around these parts. The lights kept going on and off the whole time during the storm. Down here in the south, thunder storms are always a concern.


  1. I wish I lived down thur in the sowth, wur people talk lik this... cause that's cool. Sounds cool and alittle scary.. -Coral

  2. yes knightmare i know it must have been scary for u. i know ur scared of the thunder:D

  3. There were bright lights and loud thunder...sniff...sniff. Oh the agony! ;)