Friday, August 6, 2004

My Ultimate Test of Freedom

If I ever got naturalized as a US citizen, as an ultimate test of freedom. The first thing I would do is to buy an American flag, a bottle of highly combustible fluid, and a cigarette lighter. I would walk down to a crowded public place, soak the flag in the combustible fluid, and set it ablaze. And keep on shouting out like a madman "This is what I think of America!" while I franticly wave the burning flag. And wait to see if I get arrested for burning a sacred national symbol, that is only if the angry mob doesn't beat me to death first. The reason I would do this is not show that I hate America or anything like that, but to see if the law will uphold my right to free speech and expression (First Amendment).


  1. So why exactly would you want to destroy the symbol of the country you are trying to be a part of?

  2. Burning the flag is not the point. Its to test America's claim that its the most free nation in the world. That it upholds the law and protects its every single citizen.

  3. Yah, but that's just like going on a killing spree just to see if your mother would still love you afterwards.

  4. My mother never claimed she'll love me even after I went on a killing spree.

  5. Well, best of luck with all the flag-burning and whatnot. I hope you find what you were looking for.

  6. In Alabama? Maybe not. If the local police didn't uphold your right to free speech at least you could sue.

    On the other hand, try taking that same American flag out in someplace like, say, Fallujah and they'll burn it for you. Probably burn you along with it.

    If you really want to exercise free speech, say or write something that will make someone think. It might make them mad, but it may just make them think.

    Robert Stevens
    East Village

  7. Yeah... I wouldn't try that in Alabama.

    -We don't take kindly to you folks.