Monday, September 13, 2004

Hurricane "Ivan" the Invincible

Ivan's Projected Path

Ivan, declared a category-5 storm just hit Cuba a few hours ago. It has reportedly killed 68 people in the Caribbean and seems to threaten millions in the U.S. If Ivan goes along its projected path then the bay area will start to experience hard waves by Tuesday evening and strong winds by Wednesday morning. The eye of Ivan will hit Mobile on Wednesday Night and will take the whole Thursday to pass over it. According to Ivan's projected path, the storm should pass over us completely by Saturday.

Hurricane Ivan's Advisories

The authorities have declared an evacuation in near by counties. Few weeks ago, a category-3 hurricane "Frances" hit Florida and wreaked havoc. It ripped of power and telephone lines. All the roads were littered with debris and some were washed away. It took days for the power to be reinstated and in some areas power has not been reinstated up till now. Federal assistance was called in to assist in recovery efforts and to prevent civil unrest. If a category-3 can do that much damage than people now are dreading to imagine what a category-5 hurricane will do this time. The winds are expected go around to +115 MPH.

Ivan's Wind Radius

The university has opened its Humanities building as a storm shelter. I haven't decided weather to go to Texas or take refuge in the storm shelter until this storm passes. I'll probably decide by Tuesday afternoon. Anyway, Ivan is expected to do a lot of damage. If Ivan goes a little off course to the west even then we'll still be in its red zone. Anyway, those of you who will be concerned about me, don't expect me to call you right after the storm to see if I survived or not because there is a 110% chance that all the power and telephone lines would be out of service. I'll let you know how am I doing as soon as I find a way to call or e-mail. Alright, just pray nothing unforeseen bad happens.

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