Saturday, September 11, 2004

Song: Fields of Athenry

This is the new version of a song written in Ireland in the late 1800s. The names have been changed for the song to fit the context of Michael Collins. Michael was a freedom fighter in Ireland's independence struggle against the British(Crown). I first heard of this song on one of "Veronica Guerine" OSTs. It was sung by a 10 year old Irish boy and sung it beautifully. I tried downloading it, but downloaded the Rock, Metal, Country, Folk versions of it by accident and they all stunk. For some reason, I like anything done against the British Crown, like for example "Braveheart". On the basis of a Google search, this song seems to be traditionally very well known in Ireland.

By a lonely prison wall

I heard a young girl calling

Michael they have taken you away

For you stole Trevelyan's corn

So the young might see the morn

Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay

Low lie the fields of Athenry

Where once we watched the small free birds fly

Our love was on the wing

We had dreams and songs to sing

It's so lonely round the fields of Athenry

By a lonely prison wall

I heard a young man calling

Nothing matters Mary when you're free

Against the famine and the crown

I rebelled and they shot us down.

Now you must raise our child with dignity

By a lonely harbor wall

she watched the last star fall

As the prison ship sailed out against the sky

For she lived to hope and pray

For her love in Botany Bay

It's so lonely round the fields of Athenry

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