Monday, January 24, 2005

The Brass Crescent Awards

There was a Muslim Blog awards held a few weeks ago known as "The Brass Crescent Awards" held by the "City of Brass" and "Alt.Muslim". I came to know about it through Abdusalaam Al-Hindi. When I first heard of this, I thought there would be thousands of Muslim Bloggers out there who would be nominated. But, as the nomination phase came to an end, it turned out that only a handful of Bloggers including myself (Knightmare) were on the list of nominees. From the looks of the short list of nominees, only 4 to 5 bloggers make up the Muslim voice in the blogging community. Even though I didn't win in any category or even get a honorable mention, it felt weird to see my name and blog on the voting list. Well at least they nominated me just for applying, then again who didn't?

1 comment:

  1. Yeah Knight, it was weird to see you nominated "Just" for applying. But this hasn't happened to you for the first time in your life has it? hmmmm...