Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lightning Strike

This afternoon a severe thunder storm brewed up right over my house that lasted less than an hour. The lightning strikes were so close that there wasn't even a second's lag between the flashes and thunder. Since, it was cracking directly above the house, the thunder was so loud that it felt as if Aliens were attacking just like in "War of the Worlds".

One lightning strike hit so hard that it knocked out the power. I grew a little concerned and opened the window shutter to look out. As I was looking up at the sky, I noticed this bright flash come down in a linear form and touch the tip of the telephone pole right outside my house. And before my brain could even take the time to analyze this visual input, there was this loud boom that disoriented my senses. I was like "damn! What the hell was that?! ". There was this constant beeping sound in my ears right afterwards, which lasted for few seconds.

Then I realized that I had experienced a very rare event. I had seen lightning strike at a very close proximity. The lightning struck just a few yards away from the very window I was looking out. I clearly saw it fall from the sky and touch the earth. It confirmed one thing though, that thunder is LOUD! No wonder we're able to hear thunder from miles away whenever lightning strikes. If it had struck any closer then who knows, it might have even shattered the window glass.


  1. if you were outside, would it be loud enough to burst your eardrums?