Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rare Islamic Pictures

A friend of mine e-mailed me some information(pictures) related to Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.) and the Ka'bah. I'm not sure about the authenticity of the pictures of the Prophet's things. But, the pictures related to the Ka'bah are structural diagrams exhibiting all it's various dimensions. So, I just thought I post all the pictures on my photo blog(Freedom Shock Photoblog).

The picture of the Prophet's clothes surprised me the most. I didn't know any personal artifact of the Prophet had survived, I thought all his personal items were destroyed. Geuss I was wrong.

I always wondered what is inside the Ka'bah and now I know, well not exactly, but I have some idea now. This brings up an interesting point. Why hasn't anyone made a documentary about the Ka'bah or even why isn't there a video made that shows the insides if the Ka'bah?. I think I have a sneaky suspicion why there isn't one and the reason might be the isolationist views of the Saudi Royal Family. Someone really should do something about those oppressive idiots(Royals).


  1. I remember that Ustadh Yassir Qadhi made a joke about the Prophet's possesion at Al-Maghrib. He said that many countries want to be known as the place where the Prophet's possesions are so they claim to have them. conincedentally the Prophet's sandals in Pakistan look Pakistani and the Prophet's sandals in Egypt look Egyptian.

  2. Brother, indeed its true that some of the artifacts remained, seem to be thru a loosely chained connection. But also one ,must remember that things weren't brought up in a day, they have been preserved over decades by our ancestors & finally reached us.
    With regard to kaaba-tullah, & its interior yes its something which may be considered to be of some fantasy. Instead of wondering about how its inside Y don We wonder of how creative is gods creation as whole & look out for each every thing around us for Hidayat. May Allah guide us onto the right path.

  3. Assalamu alaikum

    It is with a great sorrow and anger that I have to say that people who claim to be scholars such as Mr Yassir Qadhi, make stupid, rude, and blasphemous remarks about the holy personalities in Islam. In this case about Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alihi wa sallam's Tabarrukaat (personal possession's/relics. Only those people who are devoid of true Faith/Iman, love and veneration of the Prophet's/Awliyaa, can make such derogatory remarks. It is shocking! It is a known fact that many Tabarrukaat of Rasoolullah Sallalahu alihi wa sallam are kept in the Topkapi Museum in Turkey, before the Saudis came into power. Even some people have in their possession certain relics and Holy Hairs of Rasoolullah Sallalahu alihi wa sallam.

    We should not doubt the authenticity of these Tabarrukaat. Even the Sahaaba-e-Kiraam, may Allah be pleased with them, kept Tabarrukaat of Rasoolullah Sallalahu alihi wa sallam with them for theyir healing and salvation, as evident form the Sunnah/Ahadith/Classical Islamic Books.
    May Allah guide us all in truth and faith and keep us away and protected from Shaitaan and the misguided "scholars", Ameen.

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