Monday, January 23, 2006

Problem: Boolean Algebra

Can anyone please simplify this Boolean Expression for me: (x V y) (x' V y).

I've searched all over the Internet on how to simplify an expression that is similar to the one stated above and I couldn't find it.


  1. I only know how to simplify Taboolian Expressions!

  2. So I'm assuming v is OR (union) and the brackets of course are AND (product).

    In which case,
    (x V y)(x' V y)
    = (x x') V (x y) V (x' y) V (y y)
    = 0 V xy V x'y V y
    = (xVx')y V y
    = y

    Or rather just (x V y)(x' V y) = (xx')Vy = y

    Is it?

  3. That is exactly the answer I got the first time I did it. It didn't look right though, so I left the answer till the third step.

    Thanks anyway for the effort.

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