Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rant: 15 January 2006

  • Holy Moly! Hubba Hubba! Worked on an assignment the whole weekend non-stop. Just finished and submitted it this morning. Damn that was one tiring weekend. I tell myself never again and then I end up doing it at the last minute all over again. I've got two short on-line quizzes due by tomorrow morning at 9:00 am and I don't have the slightest brain power to do them anytime soon. I've tried sleeping in order to be all refreshed up but, I'm still God Damn tired! Oh well, I think I'm going to watch a little TV and try to relax.
  • I noticed something very strange here about Australians. What is up with Australians and their David Hasselhoff obsession? Australians are mad-crazy fans of Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff is actually a huge celebrity like what Brad Pitt is in America. I don't understand it. The guy hasn't done anything ratings worthy since Baywatch. Let me give you guys an idea how huge Hasselhoff is in Australia, like he is on all the latest Pepsi billboards. Worst yet, he knows that he is huge in the land down under. Whenever I get the chance, I'm going to ask one of his local fans the big question "why are Australians so crazy about that guy?".
  • I met this guy at the "Uni" -yeah you heard right. That is what people call our University Campus because our campus is basically a 10 story building right in the middle of the city and you can't call it a campus exactly. So, about this guy, the guy knows a lot about programming, computers and, designing stuff. I asked him if he could redesign my blog template for me because I'm just too damn lazy to do it and he said he hasn't had much experience designing stuff, therefore he can't promise anything. But, he would like to work on it for the experience. So, I said yeah sure knock yourself out. Turns out he's also from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. From the brief chat I had with him, he unloaded his whole career vision on me and I was like "sounds good, let me know if I can help". So, he thought we'll work on something together, make the big money, start a systems design company, hire employees and I said stop! You had me at "money". Later I was he's my kind of guy.
  • I spent the whole of the last two days trying to configure my router settings to point to my local web server and it kept pointing towards the router administration login box. I don't understand it. I searched the Internet about fixing that problem and every link describes the exact method I've been doing all along. The last 50 times I did this it worked without any trouble, but that was on a LinkSys router. Now, I'm using a NetComm NB1300 router on ADSL. Somebody who knows how to configure a web server on a WAN with this particular router then please help me. Damn it I've even read the whole manual on that router and it says nothing about opening access for a local web server on a WAN. I've tried port forwarding and all that and it still won't budge.
  • I've recently started to talk a little in third person. Some people look at me funny whenever I do. I'm like "Knightmare likes food" or "You think Knightmare would like a sandwich right about now?". Crazy, just insane.
  • Damn these assignments! They are driving me crazy! Four more and then I'm done for the semester.
  • I really like Melbourne, Australia. I really do. I've seen four very distinct parts of the world and Melbourne is the best. I've been to all over Saudi Arabia, seen India, been to Syria, Jordan, lived and seen all over USA for the past 5 years. I feel more happy and at peace here than anywhere I've been to in the past. When I was living in the US, it was the first western country I had been to. After canvassing the place, I thought maybe it doesn't get better than this even with all the crap that one finds in the US. Now, I know it actually does get a whole lot better than the US. After reaching Australia and mixing with the locals I have come to a conclusion that AMERICANS ARE ASSHOLES! They have always been Assholes, they are Assholes, and they will remain Assholes until their final demise. Now, that I look back on it, I'm glad I left America because I don't think I would have been able to bare another second of that ignorant southern drawl rant. Up till now, I thought all westerners were more or the same arrogant, narcissist, blood thirsty as the Americans. It turns out that is not true. Aussies are 10 folds better than any White American Bastard I have ever come across. For those of you who don't understand how someone like Bush become president of the most militarily powerful country in the world then allow me to explain. America is full of Gun-Toting-Redneck-Racist pigs and the country's leader reflects the people.


  1. abu sara the gun-toting redneckJanuary 23, 2006 at 3:10 PM

    First off how old are you? I'm guessing highschool?

    I am one of those, gun-toting evil white men from the south, but I also happen to be muslim. So does that still put me in your generalization?


  2. salam alaikoum
    Hey, I have a southern drawl...
    at any rate, guess why I live abroad? I guess that makes me a "self-hating" redneck