Thursday, July 7, 2005

7/7: The New 9/11

7/7 --another date the western world will never let me forget. Oh God not again! Please let it be the IRA, please let it be the Irish this time. I'm glad this didn't happen on '7/31'--my birthday, otherwise they would have made me regret the very day I was born. ;)

Lets all hope the Brits don't go down that same road like the Americans did and say stupid things like "They attacked us because they hate our freedom", "They hate us because they're jealous of our freedom", or any other nonsense like it. I wonder, would today's incident mean that 'French Fries' will now be officially renamed to 'Freedom Fries' all over England?

Well at least CNN didn't show any unrelated footage of Palestinians celebrating this time.

They're saying it's the worst attack on London since WWII. That's what Americans had said similar to after 9/11, you know the worst attack since Pearl Harbor and all.

You know the weird thing about this attack is that the Brits were expecting it for about 2 years now and still they could not prevent it. Even with all the hi-tech security cams installed all over London and Al-Qaida still managed to bomb London. I can only imagine the impact of this attack on British sense of security.

Just imagine the state of helplessness if the Al-Qaida bombers called in and gave the time and place of the attack a week before they carried it out. Now that would have shattered any ounce of the nation's sense of safety and security.

Anyway, I feel I should also condemn this attack before these "infidels" start to question my freedom and existence.

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  1. I have been a bit disturbed by some of the simplistic comments Blair and others were making. He sounded a lot like Bush to me!