Saturday, July 23, 2005

Rant: Defective Hardware

The month of June began and I thought I now finally had the time to do something constructive, or at least what I wanted to do in a long time. Just when I thought I could afford to pick-up a serious hobby like photography, my digital camera broke down in someway. Damn! What the hell am I going do now? I really hate it when good essential equipment breaks down and there is nothing anyone could do about it except buy a new one. I have 2 broken laptops and who knows what's wrong with them.

I bought the Kodak EasyShare CX7300 (3.2 MP) digital Camera for around a $100 about 6 months ago. The first 4 months after purchase, it worked flawlessly. Now, for some reason it drains the batteries within minutes and new batteries doesn't exactly fix the problem. Although, there is a 1 year warranty on it, but I threw away the receipt and therefore have no proof of purchase anymore in order for a refund.

I went online to see whether I'm the only one who has this problem and it turned out that there are many more people who also had the very same battery related flaw. It seems to me that Kodak sold a product with a major hardware defect and suspiciously on purpose. Some consumer rights group should sue these bastards. Damn it! Where else am I going to get a digital camera? Awe screw it.


  1. My digital camera has the same problem. the batteries drain out pretty an hour or so.
    But its not a kodak.

  2. Well, mine doesn't even last 30 seconds.

  3. Hey El, ask Fox about whatever happened to his blog widja didja.

  4. Fox just doesn't have the time to maintain a blog I guess or it could be hes just toooo lazy to do anything. Hes got a lot to do these days.
    What's with Abdu's blog? When can we start commenting? Is he going through a phase?

  5. But, why did his blog go offline?

    It's not a phase, it's just that some unwanted degenerates were leaving crap as comments. I think it's about time he unlocks that feature.