Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Family Guy Live!

A Flesh-and-Blood "Family Guy"
Wednesday March 16 7:50 PM ET

Eonline Photo By Josh Grossberg

Before he takes over the world, Stewie Griffin is setting his sights on the boards.

The Machiavellian animated tot and the rest of his Family Guy clan could soon be appearing live in a venue near you.

Show mastermind Seth MacFarlane is teaming with 20th Century Fox Television and Just for the Laughs, the folks behind the Montreal Comedy Festival, to produce a theatrical stage production of the animated comedy titled Family Guy Live!

The show, billed as a two-hour, multimedia extravaganza, will feature the flesh-and-blood cast behind the 'toon Griffin family: MacFarlane (who voices several characters, including portly patriarch Peter, gin-swilling pooch Brian and would-be megalomaniac Stewie), Alex Borstein (wife Lois), Seth Green (son Chris), Mila Kunis (daughter Meg) and Mike Henry (pal Cleveland, among others).

Source: Yahoo! TV.

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  1. Last night I saw Seth MacFarlane on Letterman. On it Dave asked him "Whats the difference between American Dad and Family Guy?" to which MacFarlane answered "I'm not gonna lie to you. It's really the same show. Its so hard to come up with an original idea." He was hilarious by the way.