Sunday, March 27, 2005

What Justice?

Miyati Torture: Justice Must Be Done
Roger Harrison, Arab News

JEDDAH, 27 March 2005 — In the interests of equity and the integrity of its position on human rights, it is time for the Saudi authorities to address with the utmost vigor the continued abuse of domestic workers in the Kingdom.

It happens; there are published cases and they cannot be hidden under a cloak of secrecy any longer as the gruesome photographic evidence of the tortured — no other word comes close — still living body of Nour Miyati recently pictured in this newspaper shows. The picture and the story brought shudders of disgust to, and expressions of sympathy from, civilized people.

Bound so tightly that gangrene developed in her limbs and beaten to the extent that her teeth were knocked out, the 25-year-old maid was locked in a bathroom for a month. Now she will probably lose her fingers and toes and possibly half of one foot. What sort of money or punishment can possibly compensate her? [Full Story]
Source: Arab News
Roger has got a pair for saying something so bold like this article.

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