Saturday, March 19, 2005

Poem: Meant To Be So Much More

By Knightmare

Blinded by overconfidence
In our quest for a perfect life
Wish we could see beyond the misery
And all the failed attempts to fly

Dreaming of Providence
For a resolution to this desolate life
Filled with regrets from our history
Now we wonder why the world has passed us by

We have more to offer than our fathers
Answer could be on our bookshelves
Now everything inside
Screams for another try

We were meant to be so much more
We have lost ourselves
Somewhere deep inside
Someone wipe our tears dry


  1. mashallah that is very good
    i would put my poems on my blog...but i lost all of them in the great hard drive wipe of '04.
    keep it up

  2. why does your poem sound so much like a song I've heard on the radio, huh?

  3. Because the rythm pattern(eg: abacd) is same as the song I heared on the radio and you never heared that song on the radio, more like you probably heared me sing it.