Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is it Real or a Fake?

Gas exploration has been going on in the desert of south east region of Saudi

This desert region is call Empty Quarter means in Arabic "RAB-UL-KHAALEE"; this body has been found by ARAMCO exploration team. Which proves that what ALLAH said in QURAN that long ago the people of AAD & SMOOD nations were so tall, wide and very powerful that they were able to pull out big trees just with the one hand.

But what happened after they became CRUEL and anti of ALLAH? ALLAH subhan-o-Ta'ala destroyed them. Ula'ma-o-Kiraam of Saudi Arabia believe that this body belongs to AAD nation.

Saudi Military took over this whole area. And no body is allowed to go in this area except Saudi ARAMCO personnel's. Saudi government kept it very secret but some military helicopters took pictures from air.

Somebody emailed me this picture with the above caption and don't blame me for the incorrect English. People send me a lot of fake stuff in my inbox. I have stared at this picture long and hard and have come to the conclusion that this is a professionally doctored picture. The guy with the shovel looks so CGI and doesn't even match with the other guy in the picture. The caption mentions that the Saudi government have kept it a secret, then how did this picture end up on the Internet? What would the Saudi's gain by keeping this alleged archeological find of the centaury a secret. If there is a forensic photographer out there then I would really be interested to hear what you have to say about this hoax.


  1. I'm a forensic photographer. I too had got this picture in my email a year or two ago. I think its a fake as well because the guys in the picture look CGI.

  2. what do you think about this picture?

  3. Yeah I saw that half-mermaid thing on Ripley and they proved that it was a fake.