Friday, April 15, 2005

Codename: Gordon

Codename: Gordon is a 2D side scrolling fan project based on the Half Life universe and programmed in Flash. In this fast, flash-based plat former, you assume the role of Gordon Freeman and travel through six chapters inspired by the environment in Half Life 2. All the familiar weapons and enemies are present: crowbars, pistols, grenades, the SMG, a manipulator gun, headcrabs, zombies, the infamous G-man... the game even includes a fully functional buggy.

The game's controls resemble a 3D shooter. You use the keys to move and the mouse to aim (similar to Abuse), there are medic and HEV recharge stations and even the weapon selection boxes feel as if you're playing the real 3D game. Furthermore, it also features a high score system with network support and a bunch of funny secrets.

Gabe Newell, in an interview with HomeLAN, said that the original plan was to release Codename: Gordon on April 1st (April Fool's Day) with a message saying, "Due to tremendous pressure from the gaming community to ship Half-Life 2, we looked long and hard at the game to see if there was anything we could cut that would let us ship sooner. It looked like if we cut the third dimension, we'd be all set, so after five years in development, Valve and Nuclearvision proudly present Half-Life 2D." Yeah Right!

Released: May 18, 2004
Published By: Valve
Developed By: Nuclear Vision
Platform: Windows
Genre: Action
Perspective: Platform, Side-Scrolling
Non-Sport: Shooter

Interview with the Designers

Download: Codename: Gordon (ed2k link)


  1. I rememeber that game...I installed it and played it after i downloaded the Half-Life 2 Demo. You should also try Halo 2d (theres 2 different games)Halo 2d (RTS style) and Halo 2d (side scroller)

  2. Damn it! I downloaded Half-Life 2D and it requires a 1.5 Ghz chip. The whole game is in flash for crying out loud. Why the hell does it need a 1.5 Ghz processor? This blows. It's about time I upgrade my PC anyway.

  3. Ok I got it to work, but there was so much lagging.