Monday, April 4, 2005

Rant: TV America Sucks

The TV really sucks in the US. I thought coming to America would have given me access to a broad range of choices for information. Bullocks! I am more isolated from global news than when I was living in Jeddah. All the major news networks like CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox, and MSNBC have the same irrelevant news stories on 24/7. When I was living in Jeddah, I got up-to-date news via CNN International from around the world. I saw so many documentaries about every subject on CNN and BBC. CNN and BBC are the ones who opened my eyes to the world.

Only Fox News is the one news network which actually dedicates 80 seconds to news around the world in their "Around the World in 80 Seconds" section. Oh chee thanks Fox for those measly 80 seconds! I really hate Fox News channel.

How ironic. Living in such an isolated society like Saudi Arabia, I knew more about the world than the country itself. Now that I'm outside the country, thanks to 9/11 I get more news about Saudi Arabia than I get about the world.

CNN International is way better than CNN National. Judging by the TV in America, the outside world does not exists. Now I can understand why Americans think that the world revolves around the them.

Once an American asked me how people celebrated Christmas in Saudi Arabia. I told her they don't because there aren't enough Christians to celebrate and she couldn't even imagine the thought of a place where Christmas was not observed. And I couldn't believe that it was so hard for her to imagine that?

On a very unrelated note. For those Americans who have never been to Saudi Arabia and cry like baby that the Abaya/Burka restricts the freedoms of women or is a very barbaric practice, let me tell you something. For someone who was born and raised in that country, I have heard the women bitch about a lot of things, but I have never ever heard them complain about the Abaya/Burka hindering their freedoms. They complain about how they can't drive, can't go to places, their children, husbands, money, no jobs, unemployment rate, economy, dresses, how much they're fat, broken nail, and what not. But, never the Abaya!

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  1. Welcome to American state media, which IMHO is far worse than state media in other nations, particularly because it is under the pretense of being "free."
    The amount of unintelligent and backward mindedness displaced on US TV is numbing. And it does do its job of keeping the populace dumbed down.