Sunday, April 17, 2005

Predicting Iraq's Future

From the looks of the present situation in Iraq, my crystal ball shows that it looks like the calm before the storm even though there is so much violence and killing in Iraq. I predict that after things go from really chaotic to a little calm then a brutal civil war will breakout between Sunni's and Shiite's.

Public services like sanitation, electricity, and police, etc will employ some potential insurgents and keep them occupied. The Iraqi people will eventually realize that an employed Iraqi is a happy Iraqi. But, jobs in the private sector aren't the only jobs. What about the civil jobs? Of course they will realize the importance of the jobs in the public sector.

Iraqi's will come to learn that most of those jobs in the public sector will go only to those people of the same race (or in this case religion) of the elected official in the government, be it Sunni or Shiite. Both groups will try to grab for power in the government. Those political groups will play dirty politics as a result leading the whole nation into chaos all over again. We all know what happened the last time someone in Iraq was cut out of the political pie. I hope I'm wrong about this whole prediction for the Iraq's sake.

Some people might wonder, how will the coalition forces handle these predicted events? My answer to the question, how the coalition forces will handle this future situation is all nothing but irrelevant. Simple, if the coalition forces are still present in Iraq they'll be caught in between a brutal, long, and bloody civil war, if not then they'll be safe. They might take up a side, usually to the side that has got the most control and access to the oil fields.

Speaking of oil, what is happening to all the oil in Iraq? None of the news networks have been covering anything about the oil in Iraq. Who's getting it. Is anyone even extracting it? Isn't anyone buying or selling it? CNN, if your reading this then answer me damn it! Ah you good for nothing poor excuse for a new network.

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  1. It maybe the case that the US will find it inevitable to implant a dictator like Saddam. I hope I am wrong, but for a very long time, Iraqi's from different religions could only live together under the iron hand of a ruthless leader.