Monday, April 18, 2005

Slippery When Wet

Oh my God what the hell have I done to myself now?! This is definitely going to leave a mark.

About an hour ago, I was making a snack (Ramen Soup) in the kitchen. I finished pouring it in the bowl and made my way out of the kitchen. The bowl's contents were really hot and had a fork in it.

I don't even remember exactly how it all went down. The kitchen floor was a little wet I guess. As I was almost at the door, I began to slip and lose my balance. Next moment I know, I'm lying face down on the kitchen floor with this tremendous amount of pain on the left side of my face, and I see hot Ramen soup splattered all over the kitchen floor with my right hand on it.

I got the wind knocked out of me. First I tried to gather my senses during which I figure out that the pain on my face is not the burn from the hot soup. Then I feel this extreme burning sensation on my right hand only to discover it was lying on top of hot soup. I thought I should get up fast and put it in cold water before it leaves burn stains. As I tried to get up and get to the kitchen sink to wash my hand, I notice that my left knee was hurt bad too and I couldn't get it to move. At this point I don't even realize the severity of the accident. All I had in mind was to get my hand in cold water pronto.

As I sat on the kitchen floor waiting to regain my strength, I notice that the pain at the upper left side of my face was increasing at an exponential rate. I put my left hand on my eye brow and left cheek bone in order to press on it to ease the pain, it didn't help, instead it hurt more. I took the hand off my face only to discover the horror that it was covered all in blood. I looked around to find out how much of my blood was splashed around. I saw a couple of drops on my T-Shirt and a couple on my Jeans.

By now I thought I had a deep cut on my cheek. I got up, tore a paper towel set on the kitchen counter and put it over my wound or wherever I thought it was. Shaken but not stirred :-), I get up, wash the blood off my hands and walk over to a mirror to see how bad I was cut. I see that my cheek was all red like someone had hit it with a club and then there is this long deep cut on my eye brow and it was bleeding profusely. I washed the wound some more and stuck a Band-Aid on it. I go to the couch, sit, and try to relax. I try to recall what had happened and figure out what had hit my face so hard. Was it the kitchen counter, the floor, or the fork? Whatever it was it sure hurts like hell.

Still to this point I'm not sure what caused the deep cut, but I'm certain that it was the floor that hit my face hard because I vaguely remember my face hitting the floor real hard and that's why my cheek bone area is all red and blue.

First thing next morning, I'll go to Student Health Services and make sure nothing is broken from the inside. It doesn't feel like that it's serious or else I wouldn't be sitting here writing this, but I'll have it looked at it nonetheless. It's been over an hour since this mishap, and my eye brow and cheek are all swollen. I don't remember having a headache before this incident, I think I'll have that checked out too. Thank God(Allah) nothing serious happened. The fork might have poked me in the eye or something.

I can see it now, tomorrow every guy on the street will ask about the face. Oh, oh it's leaking blood, time to change the bandage.


  1. *ouch*
    That doesnt sound nice! :P
    I hope you feel better soon.

    On the brighter side you could always concoct some sort of a dramatic story where you come out the winner in order to explain the cuts on your face.

  2. dang...get better man
    thats reminds me of the time i got knocked unconcious when i went rock climbing and i woke up with the taste of blood in my mouth

  3. This is unbeleivable! I spent five hours at the doctor's just so he could come and tell me to take tylanol and put some ice on it.

    Dude, it didn't hurt this much last night? :-(

    When I finally saw the doctor, she told me that I should have gone to the emergency and not waited till morning. Due to the delay, she said she could no longer stitch the cut because stiches can only be applied within 8 hours of the injury. Now, it will heal with a big scar running down through the middle of my eye brow, parting it like moses parting the red sea.

    You know I actually don't remember falling. I think I slipped and fell, but the bump on the head most probably knocked that memory out of my head.

    I remember a similar incident like this. I was 7 or 8 years old. We had this old beat-up spinning office chair in my home. I was spinning on it and the next thing I remember is that I'm on the ground with this headache, crying like a little girl with no one around in the room, even to this day I can't recall what the hell happened. All I could vaguely remember was that my 4 or 5 year old sister at the time came upto me and said something along the lines of "I want to spin in the chair" and I think she might have pushed me or I might have lashed out telling her to buzz off and at the same time letting go of the chair and fell head first then cried so loud that might have scared her away thus explaining why no one was in the room.

  4. knight when will you learn "If the hand cuts, it bleeds." one of many important lessons of life.

  5. Allow me to take this opportunity and tell you knight that you are a big ASS.

  6. It took you three days to respond? I was beginning to worry. It's so unlike you not to respond to name calling. I thought they called you Speedy Gonzales for a reason Abdu. :-/

  7. Fox,
    In the words of the famous Bollywood actor Raj Kumar "Yeh koi khel nay key cheese nahin, agger haath cut jai, thoo khoon nickel aajaa ta hai". So don't mess with me man!